Samin Grayforth

Standing 5'10" tall with a somewhat stocky build. Brown hair, brown eyes, and a rather plain face give him the appearance of both someone you know and someone easily forgotten after he is gone.

Occupation Cutpurse Class Thief
Title Thug Alignment Chaotic
Level 1 Experience 10 Speed 30’
AC 12 HP 7
Strength 16 +2 Attack bonus +2
Agility 16 +2 Reflex +3
Stamina 10 +0 Fortitude +1
Personality 10 +0 Willpower +0
Intelligence 11 +0 Languages: Common, Thieves Cant
Luck 12 +0 Raised by wolves: Unarmed attack rolls
Initiative 1d20+2 Action Dice 1d20
Crit die 1d10 Crit table 2

Originating from greater parts unknown Samin had made his way down from the North West for either better pockets to pick or perhaps to escape from pockets angry from his unwanted presence. In either case he had taken to grifting taverns for some quick coin before disappearing again. Life was good until he had conned the wrong group and realized that he had been the victim all along. They made him a simple deal that involved scouting caravans for their “enterprising and liberation.”

Crox was a busy crossroads that literally bustled with caravans hauling everything from vegetables to fine carpets from exotic lands. On one such expedition into Crox a target was picked and soon after he was hoofing it back to the camp to report in. But that meeting would never take place thanks to the portal. The portal that called to him with its wealth.

Samin Grayforth

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