Name: Annie
Occupation: Orphan
Class: Wizard
AC: 10
HP: 4
Reflex: 1
Fortitude: -2
Willpower: 1
Strength 4 -2
Agility 11 0
Stamina 5 -2
Personality 12 0
Intelligence 17 2
Luck 12 0

Weapon Club

Flask, Empty
Gem x 12 (5g)

Money 33 gp 20 cp
Luck Bonus
Reflex Saving Throw

Languages: Common, Halfling, Bear, Gnome, Dragon, Gnoll


Read magic (Hairy Magic, Hair grows 1 inch)
Cantrips (Skeletal caster, flesh becomes transparent 1d4 rounds +2 ac vs missile)
Mending (Greater Power, Roll twice for random element of spell and take what ever result he wishes)
Spider Climb (Normal)
Ward Portal (Sleep of Ages, Fort save DC 5 + spell lvl or fall asleep for 1 day per spell level)
Magic Missle (Breath of life-1d6 per CL healing to all within 15ft)


Orphan, that is what they called her. Never asking her name she was always just that “Orphan”. Even now that she had cast off her thread bare hand me downs and bought her first new clothes the local’s still saw only an Orphan. It doesn’t help that the new cloths can’t hide her bony appearance; A few good meals did little against the lifetime of malnutrition. But despite her physical limitations Annie had proven to be remarkably bright.Still, the elderly lady who looked over her and the hand full of other abandoned children in the area claimed it was the will of Justicia she had made it into her late teens.

Annie tho knew better, it wasn’t the goddess of mercy and justice who had intervened on her behalf. No she remembers a time long ago huddled beneath a tattered blanket alone in the small room she had been given with a whispered prayer for her soon to be departed spirit. Her body soaked in sweat from the burning fever yet freezing at the same time.

Beside her pallet the small candle flickered in an unfelt breeze causing the shadows to dance around. Even fevered her mind was sharp enough to know that the strange way the shadows seemed to crawl towards the center of the room couldn’t be real. Nor could the huge gout of flame erupting from the tiny candle to swirl into the growing mass of shadows be happening. When the maelstrom of shadow and flame took the form of a man she took a deep rattling breath trying to calm herself.

Wings of twisting shadows and dancing flame spread from his back as if he were some dark angel. He knelt down beside her pallet and she gazed up into his eyes too weak to do anything else. His eyes like dark faceted gems in a sea of silver conveyed a since of sorrow and concern. The warmth of his hand on her cheek seemed to cut thru the chill. In a rare moment of weakness her eyes fluttered closed and she pressed her cheek into the warmth of his hand. When her eyes opened she beheld him across the room watching her as the warmth of his touch spread thru her.
As he watched her with something akin to sorrow in his eyes he began to melt back into a swirl of shadow and flame that eventually dissolved. Tho at times she accepted this strange memory as a fever induced dream. She couldn’t deny a deep desire to see that strange being again had been the main reason she wandered out from her village that night and into that forgotten tomb beneath that starry night sky.


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