Name: Sael
Occupation: Jeweler
Class: Thief
AC: 15
HP: 10
Reflex: 2
Fortitude: 3
Willpower: 2
Strength 10 0
Agility 15 1
Stamina 16 2
Personality 17 2
Intelligence 9 0
Luck 16 2

Weapon Dagger

Equipment Torch
Gem (20gp)
Gem (6G)
Gem (30g)
Gem x 13 (5g)
Scailmail (Double value)
Money 33gp 29 cp
Luck Bonus
All Skill Checks


What leads a man to seek the life of adventure? For the desperate and destitute it was that slim chance of grasping a greater future. But what of those that already have more than most? What would lead a moderately well off individual to abandon everything and risk it all for the life of an adventurer?

Sael is one such individual, a charismatic and lucky jeweler he had done well for himself compared to the average man of the day. Yet he closed up shop and wandered out beneath that starry sky with so many others seeking something.

What was it he was seeking,

Could he be seeking Wealth?

Perhaps it was the thought of Glory?

Or are they simply one that seeks power?

Still perhaps it has something to do with that cold calculating look in his eyes that could be glimpsed when he thought no one was watching.


Crawl Masters Sael